Monday, November 26, 2012

Texas Tumbleweeds

A couple of months ago I was watching Quilt-cam on Quiltville - that's what Bonnie calls the web-cam sessions that she so generously shares with all that want to log on.  Anyway..... on her longarm I spied a quilt I had not seen before and wanted to make - so I grabbed my phone to take a picture and then someone posted a comment asking the name of said quilt.  As it turned out the quilt was a mystery quilt from a workshop in Texas and would be coming out in the November/December issue of Quiltmaker.  Problem solved.......

My quilt is not as large as Bonnie's but at least it made me attack the Batik scraps I had been collecting.  The finished size is 52" x 69".


This quilt pattern produced a lot of  2 inch "bonus triangles" - (I think that's what Bonnie calls them).  So in the same issue of Quiltmaker in her "addicted to scraps" article she shared a block that would use up all those 2" triangles.  So........why not!

This quilt finished at 49" x 65" and most of  the people that have seen both quilts like the 2nd one the best.  What do you think? 

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