Thursday, December 27, 2012

Easy Street - Part 5

Part 5 is complete - sorry for the delay in getting it posted.  The good news is that Carolina Christmas is quilted and just waiting for binding. 

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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Carolina Christmas

A little late - 2 years to be exact - but my Carolina Christmas is finally together.  I had also planned on getting it quilted this weekend, but my daughter called and requested  my help in making Christmas cookies tomorrow, so the quilt will have to wait a few days.

The center layout is not Bonnie's original, but something different I tried and then did not like.  Discussed with myself I put it away and 2 years later the thought of all that ripping was still not appealing.  So off to the bookshelf  I went for my copy of  "Scraps & Shirttails II" - made the outer border and now there is one less UFO in my collection.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Easy Street - Part 4

Before I share my results for this part of the mystery I want to thank everyone that has posted a comment and shared their thoughts - it means so much to me.  I enjoy checking out the posted links and trying to envision the beautiful quilts we are making to show Bonnie how much we love and appreciate her.

Sometime ago I learned that making flying geese 4 at a time gave me the best results, but for part 2 I decided to give Bonnie's method another try.  The results looked okay, but when measuring I found that a number were a tad too wide and had to be fixed.

So for part 4 - having learned my lesson - I made the geese using the no waste method, and all 64 turned out a perfect size.  My gold 3.5" squares are in place of Bonnie's green color.


I posted yesterday about the UFO that was donated to my quilt group. After taking every - already pieced - block apart and reassembling, the quilt top is finally together.  The pattern is called "On The Road Again" by Debbie's Creative Moments.  The focus fabric is a beautiful leaf print batik. 

Make sure you check out the Part 4 links tomorrow on Easy Street.
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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Donated Mystery

I belong to a quilt group "Comfort Quilts" that meets monthly at Byrnes Sewing.  We work on donation quilts for shelters and Philadelphia hospitals.  This past Monday one of the employees brought us a box of things that had been donated for our use.  There was fabric, books and in the bottom of the box a UFO with instructions. With that one of the girls looked at me and said, "you like mysteries, you take it home" - so home with me it came. 

A couple of days later I sorted threw the pieces and found that only one block remained to be pieced and it contained the same block I had just finished for part 3 of Easy Street. 

After the blocks were pieced I moved on to laying out the quilt.

At this point I realized that that I was heading for trouble.  None of the already pieced blocks were square.  I even tried to tell myself that maybe I could quilt it out on the longarm, but ......................
So far I have taken apart and reassembled all but one of the blocks.  In this case it wasn't the 1/4" seam but the cutting that was wrong. 
Hopefully at my next posting I will be able to show you the completed top.
Happy sewing,

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Easy Street - Part 3

The next part of Bonnie's mystery was posted early Friday morning and thanks to the calendar on my iPad it woke me up at 5:00 am - and I was sleeping so good, but it was Easy Street day so...............

I had been following Bonnie's colors for step 1 and 2, but now changed to the warm side of the color wheel for my next color.  As I have the Easy Angle & Companion Angle rulers I used the posted method of creating the block.  The block name is "Brave World" or "Mary's Triangle".

I noticed today on the google group - Quiltvillechat - that a number of people were talking about a youtube video by Deb Tucker.  She called the same block - shaded 4 patch, but it required the purchase of a chart that was only available by mail.  Then I remembered earlier seeing a post on Kati's blog where she had done a tutorial with mesurements for part 3, using the Deb Tucker method - so I sent a reply.  For anyone else that is not a member of Quiltvillechat -

As I was making these blocks I kept thinking I had done these before and realized that they were the same blocks that were strung together to form the outer border on  - Orca Bay - last years mystery.
Happy Sewing,
Nettie in PA

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Easy Street - Part 2

The second clue for the Easy Street mystery went live early Friday morning sometime after 4am EST - that's when the first message on the yahoo group Quiltvillechat was posted.  This step involved making flying geese and cutting rectangles that would be used in another part.

After gathering my purples and background fabrics I started cutting and making 128 flying geese - finishing up just as Bonnie was starting Friday nights Quilt-cam.

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Happy Sewing,