Saturday, December 15, 2012

Donated Mystery

I belong to a quilt group "Comfort Quilts" that meets monthly at Byrnes Sewing.  We work on donation quilts for shelters and Philadelphia hospitals.  This past Monday one of the employees brought us a box of things that had been donated for our use.  There was fabric, books and in the bottom of the box a UFO with instructions. With that one of the girls looked at me and said, "you like mysteries, you take it home" - so home with me it came. 

A couple of days later I sorted threw the pieces and found that only one block remained to be pieced and it contained the same block I had just finished for part 3 of Easy Street. 

After the blocks were pieced I moved on to laying out the quilt.

At this point I realized that that I was heading for trouble.  None of the already pieced blocks were square.  I even tried to tell myself that maybe I could quilt it out on the longarm, but ......................
So far I have taken apart and reassembled all but one of the blocks.  In this case it wasn't the 1/4" seam but the cutting that was wrong. 
Hopefully at my next posting I will be able to show you the completed top.
Happy sewing,

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