Sunday, December 16, 2012

Easy Street - Part 4

Before I share my results for this part of the mystery I want to thank everyone that has posted a comment and shared their thoughts - it means so much to me.  I enjoy checking out the posted links and trying to envision the beautiful quilts we are making to show Bonnie how much we love and appreciate her.

Sometime ago I learned that making flying geese 4 at a time gave me the best results, but for part 2 I decided to give Bonnie's method another try.  The results looked okay, but when measuring I found that a number were a tad too wide and had to be fixed.

So for part 4 - having learned my lesson - I made the geese using the no waste method, and all 64 turned out a perfect size.  My gold 3.5" squares are in place of Bonnie's green color.


I posted yesterday about the UFO that was donated to my quilt group. After taking every - already pieced - block apart and reassembling, the quilt top is finally together.  The pattern is called "On The Road Again" by Debbie's Creative Moments.  The focus fabric is a beautiful leaf print batik. 

Make sure you check out the Part 4 links tomorrow on Easy Street.
Happy Sewing,




  1. Lovely colors for Easy Street!!

  2. I love how the dark chains fade into the border on your quilt top, and your Mystery colours and units look great together.