Friday, November 23, 2012

Wonky Scrappy Log Cabin Quilt

One week ago I was reading different blogs and came across Victoria's at Bumble Beans.  She was talking about the Sandy Quilt Block Drive that Michele at Quilting Gallery was running and offered a tutorial for a tilted scrappy log cabin quilt.  You could either make blocks or be a team leader - the other possibility I thought of was to make one from scratch.  So I called my friend Janet and we both started making blocks.

On Monday I picked up her blocks and along with mine started laying them out.......

The original scrappy log cabin blocks were to finish at 10.5 inches and then have an additional 2 inch dark color strip added to make the last round.  I did not have a 12.5 inch ruler - so used a piece of paper to make the final cuts - tilting half of the 42 blocks to the right and half to the left.  After sewing all the blocks together and adding borders it was time to get it mounted on the longarm and start quilting.

Wednesday I added the binding, photographed the quilt and shipped it UPS to Timeless Treasures in New Jersey for distribution.  The finished size was 81 x 93 inches.

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