Sunday, January 5, 2014

Celtic Solstice - Reveal

Big Surprise - on New Year's Eve as the ball was dropping in NYC - Bonnie posted the reveal for Celtic Solstice.  It was late, but before bed I had to get my parts out and play.  I put together 2 blocks, 1 "A" and 1"B".

It wasn't till the next day that I realized the chevrons in block A were twisted.  But that was okay - I had more block parts than I needed.  With the reveal I figured I would need 41 block "A" and 40 block "B" with Bonnie's planned borders to make a Queen size quilt.  So the twisted ones could be part of a second smaller donation quilt.

As the blocks were made and pressed they were put on the design wall...

Between shoveling snow and working on other quilts I was able to get more blocks pieced, but not pressed.

If you didn't catch Bonnie's "Show & Share" post for Friday check it out - Robin from Louisiana has completed her top.


  1. I twisted my chevron parts, too. But I decided to keep them that way.

  2. Doing great! Stay warm inside and have fun stitching. I know evrything here is shut down and I will be stitching or reading.