Monday, December 30, 2013

Celtic Solstice - Part 5

This past week was really a shock to my routine - not only was it Christmas week, but I had company for 3 days while their Mom and Dad were away.

Ewok & Ginger
They were really good, but between their routine and my nervousness I was exhausted by the time they left on Thursday night.  The experience reminded me of how old I am getting, but I hated the though of them in a kennel.........   
Friday brought a new day and a new clue from Bonnie - Birds in the Air blocks using the HST from part 3. After making a sample block I started to chair piece.

In the beginning I was optimistic and thought maybe I could finish all 244 blocks before going to bed, but no ......... it took Saturday morning also.
So many bloggers are sharing their guesses for the layout - it's fun to see.  Check them out on today's link-up.


  1. I've had house guests too, except they're the kind that walk on two legs. :-) Your blocks are beautiful!

  2. Thanks for posting a progress report - all of your units are looking wonderful!